Master’s programs (ages 21+): The Masters Program is for racers 21 + years old. Ski racing at its best is all about the love of the sport, and Masters is ski racing at its best. No racing career to worry about, no parents’ or coaches’ expectations to live up to; just the racing. And there’s always another race. Join fun-loving racers of all age classes and abilities. Whether you’re 21 years old, 80+, never raced, or a World Cup winner, your speed is relative, but your ski racing enjoyment is absolute!

SPAC’s Alpine Masters program is geared toward competitive and recreational adult racers looking for training opportunities with our professional coaching staff. This year, we have further expanded the program to include 3 extra weekends of early season training opportunities! Starting December 7, Masters program training will follow the same 17 week date schedule as our U8 to U21 racers with sessions throughout the entire season in Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G.

Please contact Masters Coordinator Curt Spiel at or Jeff James at  for Alpine Masters program details.

Full Masters Race Program
The season begins with a focus on general skiing fundamentals which are generally coach directed free skiing and drills. Once we get into Christmas Camp, the likely focus will be GS and early morning Super G training is planned for December 27, 28 and 29. Typical camp days include directed free skiing and drills in the mornings. The afternoon sessions will be GS or SL training on full-length courses. Starting in January, we continue with Thursday night training (up to 9 training nights) along with our weekly Saturday and Sunday training opportunities. We also squeeze in as many SG sessions as possible during the season. Most of the time will be spent running full-length courses and short training courses, to prepare for the next races. There are typically 8 PNSA races, Masters Nationals and Western Regionals that Masters can attend. Masters are expected to help set up and take down after each training session and to help set up and take down the race we host at Stevens.

SG Training – We offer early morning SG training (7-9am), on Skyline. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, participants need to have trained with us at least two days prior to SG training.

Volunteering- In addition to participating in the Masters program training sessions, Masters racers are encouraged to take an active part in the club and club sponsored events. Masters racers that actively volunteer at a club sponsored race will receive a $75 rebate on their chosen program fee, on top of receiving a lift ticket for their volunteer day, a second lift ticket that may be used any time, and lunch on the volunteer day.

Masters Program Fees- Masters program pricing is designed to afford flexibility for those that need it and economies of scale for racers that just can’t seem to get enough time in the gates. All prepaid programs offer the ability to reduce fees through volunteering. The Unlimited program includes SG training fees. We offer three options, priced as detailed below.

  • Unlimited: $650.00  ($575.00 with Volunteer day)
  • 12 Pack: $500.00 ($425.00 with Volunteer day)
  • 6 Pack: $300.00 ($225.00 with Volunteer day)
  • Thursday Night and Saturday Drop-In: $60.00 per session. Drop in participants can earn one free training day per season in exchange for a day of volunteering.
  • 1 or 2 day Holiday Camp Drop-In: $60.00 per day
  • Add-On – SPEED training (per session, some restrictions apply): $35.00 per session (included in weekend drop-in)
  • Add-On – SPEED Camp: $60.00 per session