PAYMENTS: 50% payment is due by November 15th to hold your spot. Final payments are due the first day of on-snow training.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds are made at the sole discretion of the SPAC Board of Directors based on the circumstances under which the request for any refund is made. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to an officer of the club (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) who will acknowledge the date the request was received. Any approved refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

A $200 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. Until November 14th, the entire season tuition fee is refundable, EXCEPT for the $200 non-refundable deposit. From November 15 until December 14, up to 75% of the season tuition fee is refundable, EXCEPT for the $200 non-refundable deposit. From December 15 until January 14, up to 50% of the season tuition fee is refundable, EXCEPT the $200 deposit. From January 15 through the end of the season, any refunds will be made at the sole discretion of the SPAC Board of Directors and are given only for serious illness or physical injury to the athlete that will inhibit their ability to participate in the program for a substantial portion of the remainder of the season. The refund amount will be based on the fraction of the season that has elapsed at the time notification has been received and acknowledged as described above. 

By way of example, if the total season tuition fee is $2,000 and a refund is asked for as of December 10th, the maximum refund calculation would function as follows: 

$2,000 season tuition x 50% = $1,000 – $200 non-refundable deposit = $800 refund.

All refunds are subject to further reduction for any balances due outside the tuition calculation, such as van rides or apparel purchased.

2020/2021 & COVID REFUNDS: We are optimistic that we will have a full season of skiing and training. However, given the uncertainties of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are mindful things may change. Should the season be interrupted or canceled due to COVID-19, we will generally follow the refund schedule shown above but are committed to refunding additional portions of tuition, while maintaining the longer term continuity of SPAC for the years ahead. Many factors will influence exactly how much will be returned in addition to any amounts due under the above schedule and all decisions will be based on the principle of returning as much as possible to families while ensuring the continued viability of SPAC.

BALANCES OWING: By registering, the account holder accepts that SPAC will automatically bill the method of payment selected when registering (e-check or credit card) in the amount of the balance due on December 1st. Fees incurred during the season for which there is an unpaid balance, will automatically be charged to the account payment method on file, on the last day of each month.

PARENT VOLUNTEERING: SPAC staffs up to 7 races per season at Stevens Pass. Parent participation is essential so that SPAC continues to put on excellent races and draw high participation from PNSA clubs.  While SPAC is a very strong partner with Stevens Pass Ski Area, it is a non-profit club, independent from the ski area. Tuition, fundraisers, race fees and donations fund SPAC.  Therefore, a successful SPAC program requires a strong parent commitment and each SPAC family is expected to volunteer at the levels shown in the Volunteer Policy  If you prefer not to volunteer at at the minimum levels, the buyout amount will be added to the cost of each enrolled athlete’s tuition at the conclusion of the seasonr.  If you prefer to opt out at the beginning of the season, the buyout can be paid at the time of registration.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancelled sessions will be rescheduled as possible. Schedule changes will be communicated weekly via email. In the event we are unable to train at Stevens Pass for lack of snow, training may be moved to other ski areas. Additional expenses associated with travel to other ski areas for training (i.e. lift tickets, lodging, and gas) is the responsibility of each athlete. Sessions may be rescheduled on snow or as dryland training. Training will be cancelled only in the case of ski area closure. Check the ski area website for closure information.

MAKE-UPS: Athletes participating in the short-season, 1 day or 2 day, or 3 day long-season programs may add additional training days for days missed by attending on another day that week or extending into the long season for short season athletes. There is no opportunity for fulltime, program participants to make-up for missed time.

HELMETS, MOUTH GUARDS & BACK PROTECTORS: All racers are required to wear a helmet during SPAC inter-squad races, race and free ski training, while racing at races, and anytime they are skiing with a coach. Mouth guards are required anytime athletes are running gates, training or racing. Back protectors are required for all SPEED; training and races.

ATTENDANCE AT RACES: Athletes may participate in the sanctioned SPAC race schedule ONLY. Attendance at races independently; outside that schedule without a SPAC coach in attendance, is unacceptable. Exceptions are Western Region, National and International competitions with prior knowledge of the Head Coach.

Mighty Mite Races included in the program are: Apple Cup, Loup Loup, Wild Katz, April’s Answer/Small Fry

JUNIOR Participation at up to 8 select races is included in the program. Junior athletes will each have an individualized race plan. Not all athletes will attend all races.

Attendance at Sun Cup and Buddy Werner Championships and races other than “select” races requires additional fees the additional fee applies to both training days and race days.

ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA (INTRO, MIGHTY MITES, JUNIORS):All participants will be evaluated and must be able to demonstrate sufficient skill as determined by the SPAC coaches, to be able to participate. At a minimum, athletes must be able to meet the following criteria;

  1. Must be capable of skiing all major runs at Stevens Pass in most conditions while maintaining an “open-parallel” skill level.
  2. Must be able to load and ride ALL chairlifts, independently.
  3. Must be capable of finding their way around the mountain independently.
  4. Must be able to manage all gear (hats, helmets, gloves, bindings, etc.) independently.
  5. Must be physically and emotionally strong enough to gather their own equipment after a fall and to get their equipment back on in a reasonable amount of time, unassisted.
  6. Must be mature enough to separate from parents without anxiety.
  7. Must follow all safety rules and stay with their group AT ALL TIMES.
  8. Must show respectful behavior toward coaches and other athletes. Athletes determined to be unable to meet the previous criteria in the first-day evaluation, will not be accepted as members of SPAC and will receive a full refund.

ATHLETE CONDUCT: As ski racers in a high-profile environment, the image a racer promotes can have a profound impact on SPAC, both positively and negatively. We encourage and expect SPAC racers to exhibit exemplary courtesy and proper skiing etiquette at all times; whether on the slopes or in the lodges. Our goal is a safe & FUN environment…


  • Race training will be held in designated areas only.
  • Racers are responsible to follow ski area rules & regulations at all times.
  • Racers may ski only on SPAC designated courses.
  • Racers may only enter courses from the top, never under the tape/rope boundaries.
  • If you fall and are not hurt, quickly move away from the race/training area.
  • No sunglasses during race training.

The following are some infractions that may result in immediate suspension or expulsion from the ski area and/or SPAC, with no refund…

  • Possession, sale or consumption of any alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs or narcotics, use of any tobacco products.
  • Reckless skiing or tucking.
  • Disruptive or foul language.
  • Disregard of ski area rules & safety regulations.
  • Excessive speed and/or jumping in public areas.
  • Skiing out of the ski area boundaries or in a closed area.
  • Vandalism, theft.
  • Blatant disregard of verbal instructions by authorities of the ski area or SPAC.
  • Fighting.

Additionally, athletes wearing a SPAC uniform will be required to sign a conduct agreement which allows for the suspension of uniforms rights.