What should my athlete wear for training and/or races?

  • Speed Suit (and long underwear)
  • Race Pants or Race Shorts (full side zip)
  • Helmet (with chin bar for slalom training)
  • Gloves or Mittens
  • Shin Guards (optional)
  • Mouth Guard (optional)

All athletes are encouraged to wear a speed suit and race pants/shorts for training.  If the weather is not freezing cold, then race shorts are recommended.  Speed suits and race pants/shorts can be purchased from a variety of sources or from the used inventory advertised on the SPAC smartsheet “MarketSPAC” tab.    Speed suits come in padded and unpadded versions.  Generally speaking, if an athlete is “hitting” gates or panels, they will most likely want a padded version.  Younger athletes generally are ok with unpadded versions.  Long underwear is worn under the race suit for added insulation.  Race pants and shorts need to be the kind that are “full side zip” so that the athlete can remove the shorts/pants in a race situation without taking off their ski boots.  If the pants/shorts contain suspenders, they need to be worn or removed, as they can often get caught on chairlifts if they are “dangling”.  Gloves or mittens need to be worn, and there are “race” versions of these with extra padding on top for those athletes “hitting gates”.   Helmets are required of all SPAC athletes.  It is recommended that you obtain a helmet made for ski racing so that it can accommodate a chin bar.  A chin bar is added to the helmet for protection in training/racing slalom, particularly when the athlete is blocking gates.  Lastly, shin guards are used by the more experienced racer when they are hitting gates with slalom, but are not necessary for the younger racer.  Many athletes also like to wear a mouth guard for added protection.

What is the SPAC uniform?

SPAC selects a clothing manufacturer to make our team coats, based on several factors: durability, cost, availability, multi-year production of same style, appearance, etc.   There is typically a style selected for Mighty Mites that is well insulated and waterproof, and a different style selected for Juniors that provides some insulation and style appealing to teenagers.    Every year, SPAC announces when purchases of new coats can be made, and this is dictated by the production schedule of the manufacturer.

All team members are encouraged to wear a SPAC team jacket to create a team unity, and also so that racers can be easily identified on the hill in training and race situations, and to market our SPAC brand at Stevens Pass and away race locations.  In addition to “new” jackets, there is also an existing inventory of used jackets available from SPAC members who have outgrown SPAC jackets and even if the style has changed slightly, they are still very acceptable to wear as the team jackets.