How should a SPAC racer go about getting a sponsorship?

SPAC has relationships with several main ski manufacturers.  If an athlete feels he/she is possible eligible for some type of sponsorship, they should discuss this with the Program Director and determine a strategy for approaching the manufacturers for sponsorship.  This is generally done in the spring after the season is over and negotiated during the summer.  Athletes interested in sponsorship should plan on attending at least one summer camp at Mt Hood in the June/July timeframe so that they can demo the latest ski equipment to ensure that the equipment they are interested in is the right equipment for their ski racing needs.

How do I know what equipment to get for my athlete?

General equipment guidelines are defined in the SPAC Athlete and Family Handbook.  However, if a parent is interested in purchasing new equipment for their athlete (skis and boots), they should consult with the Program Director for recommendations on length, brand, etc.    Mighty Mites, in general, have 1 to 2 pairs of skis, particularly in the younger classes of racers (U8 and U10) they use the same ski for skiing and training slalom and giant slalom.  Older Mighty Mites may elect to have a separate pair of skis for slalom and giant slalom.  In the Junior levels, skiers often have 1-2 pairs of skis per discipline and use one pair as a training pair and the other as a racing pair.   All skiers also need a helmet.

In addition, racers use gloves or mittens typically designed for ski racing (as they have extra padding and protection).   All racers are encouraged to train in a ski racing suit, and there are usually a number of used ones available for purchase at the end of every season if a family does not want to get a new one.   Lastly, ski racing pants and shorts are needed particularly on race days as they have “zip off” sides so that racer can easily remove them at the start of a race course and strip down to their race suit.

What is the helmet requirement for SPAC racers?

SPAC Helmet Requirements 
Full Helmets manufactured for ski racing are required for all SPAC athletes in gate training and races. Mouth protection is highly recommended. For slalom a bar on the helmet, or a mouth guard, or both. A mouth guard is highly recommended when training or competing in giant slalom, super G, and downhill.