Can short season racers race in the Club Race?

Yes, all short season and full season racers may race in the club race.

Do I have to enter my racer in the Club Race?

No, all racers are pre-entered into the Club Race. There is no race fee associated with the Club Race. Racers need to show up the morning of a club race to the registration table to get their race bib as well.

Do I have to enter my racer in the away races?

Parents need to enter racers into any race that is a USSA or a non-sanctioned USSA race by completing the appropriate race entry, any special releases required by the host team and submitting the race fees and bib deposits (if applicable). SPAC handles entries for all FIS races (this applies to U181/U21 racers only).

What are the recommended away races?

Recommended away races for Mighty Mites and Juniors are designated at the beginning of the season by the PD and coaching staff. The race schedule may change if weather or other conditions necessitate, but generally, the Mighty Mites will travel to two races at other ski areas. Junior races are more athlete specific and are established in meetings with the PD (September / October), the athlete and the athlete’s parents before the season begins.

If my racer is signed up for 1 day of the short season program, can they race on both days for a race?

Yes, your racer can race both day of any race even if they are signed up for the short season program.

How do USSA and FIS points work?

USSA points begin application to an athlete as early as the 1st year of U14s, and FIS points begin being earned starting at 1styear of U18s.   USSA points and FIS points both begin at 990.  USSA points can only be obtained in races held in the US and sanctioned as USSA races.  FIS points also start at 990 can be obtained at any FIS race in any country that is a member of FIS and eligible to host a FIS race.   A racer can earn both FIS and USSA points if they are racing in a FIS race that is being held in the U.S., but only FIS points are available for races outside of the U.S.

Do I need a FIS licence to be in SPAC?

A FIS license is only required for U18/U21 athletes competing in FIS level races. The FIS license can be purchased at the same time as the USSA license as USSA has worked out an arrangement with FIS to simplify the process for the athlete.

Do I need a USSA license to be in SPAC?

A USSA license is not required to be a member of SPAC at the Mighty Mite level, but a USSA license is required if an athlete intends to race in a USSA race, such as the Buddy Werner Championships or Bantum Cup at White Pass. USSA licenses are good for one year and the rate for the license is higher for Junior racers than it is for Mighty Mites. All Juniors must have a USSA license if they intend to race in any junior USSA races.

When do we have a race schedule for the coming season?

For Mitey Mite racers, the race schedule is pretty much the same year to year and includes: Club Race (January), Wild Katz Race (February), the Buddy Werner U14 Championship (March) and Steve Madison Small Fry/Easter Race/March Madness (March or April). Other races are also included based on the training schedule and may include the Apple Cup at Mission Ridge, Wolf Chase at The Loup, etc. For Junior racers, the schedule is a bit more complicated as the racing schedule is really customized to each individual racer. For U16 Racers, it involves mostly USSA races in the PNSA division including the JO qualifiers.

For U18/U21 racers, the schedule may include FIS races in the division as well as outside the Region and in Canada. The U18/U21 schedule really varies based on each individual racers goals and performance, since some races also require a bid process to determine if the racer may compete in a particular race. For all NON-FIS races, the individual racer is expected to handle their race entry paperwork and fees. For FIS races, the registration and payment is done by SPAC and then billed back to the racer.

What is the Buddy Werner U14 Championships?

The PNSA Buddy Werner Championships is an age-class YSL championship event (U14 only) that recognizes individual performance and team achievement. It is meant to be an exciting and fun event to help U14s transition to U16 racing.

The event is three consecutive days held during the month of March. One day will be Skills Quest, one day Slalom and the other day Giant Slalom.

All U14 athletes, who are a member of a PNSA club or team, and has participated in local events as a member of that club or team, are eligible to compete in the BWC.


How do I know what races my athlete should attend?

For Mighty Mite racers, the schedule is pretty straight forward and published at the beginning of the season as to which races SPAC will support with coaches during the season. Mighty Mite parents are responsible for registering their athletes for MM races. For Junior racers, it is a more customized approach and depends on the level of the junior racer (U21, U18, U16), and whether or not they are on a development track or an elite track.

The program director meets with Junior racers in the fall to determine their own particular anticipated training schedule. Junior parents are responsible for registering racers for non-FIS events, but SPAC ‘s program director handles registration for FIS events.